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Spudgers & Orange Sticks

Shockproof Vulcan Spudgers/Wiring Aids

SH-80 Flat Shockproof Vulcan Spudger,
Double Beveled and Conical Ends. (6" x 1/4")

Beau Tech SH-80 Flat Shockproof Vulcan Spudger

SH-81 Round Vulcan Shockproof Spudger,
Screwdriver and Conical Ends. (5 1/2" x 5/16")

Beau Tech SH-81 Round Vulcan Shockproof Spudger

The unique Beau Tech spudgers are made of special vulcanized fiber which has the most desirable mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties for applications on printed circuit boards. Beau Tech spudgers have many advantages compared with nylon/fiberglass spudgers:

Beau Tech Shockproof Vulcan Spudgers vs. Nylon/Fiberglass Spudgers
Strong and long lasting vs. Weak and short lived
Static free vs. Generate and retain static charge
Will not melt with solder vs. Melt easily with solder iron

Why risk valuable boards and components by choosing nylon/fiberglass spudgers?


  • Use the beveled or screwdriver end to bend and clinch component leads.
  • Use both ends to position components when soldering or desoldering.
  • Use the beveled or screwdriver end to break solder bridge.
  • Use the beveled or screwdriver end as screw driver where metallic drivers may hurt the board components.
  • Use the conical end to guide wire in tight places on the board.
  • Use the conical end to remove components when desoldering.

Orange Sticks

SH-83 "Orange" Sticks,
Double Beveled Ends. (7" x 5/32")

Beau Tech SH-83 Orange Stick, Double Beveled Ends

Package of 100 Orange Sticks

Package of 100 Beau Tech SH-83 Orange Sticks, Double Beveled Ends

The Beau Tech orange sticks are made of high quality non-resin wood which will not contaminate solder and component leads. Natural wood is among the best material that does not generate static charge, thus is safe to use in any ESD sensitive area. They are effective, yet inexpensive tools coming in packages of 100.

Orange Sticks Applications

  • Use to position and hold Through-Hole and Surface Mount components for soldering and desoldering.
  • Use to bend component leads.
  • Use to guide wire on the board.
  • Use to break solder bridges.
  • Use to probe for loose components.
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