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  • Inspection Mirror

    The new inspection mirror meets clean room requirements yet is sufficiently economical for non-clean room applications. A quality tool for the technician but inexpensive enough to meet the budgetary requirement of modern manufacturing.

    inspection mirror

    SH-133S ( 7/8" Mirror Head, 7 ¾" Overall Length )

    • Medical quality mirror that meets clean room requirements
    • Comfortable hex shape stainless steel handle
    • 45° mirror-handle angle that allows inspection in hard-to-see places
    • Indispensable for electronic and electrical repair and rework both in the plant and in the field

    Stainless Steel Brushes

    SH-60 (2 5/16")

    SH-61 (3 1/2")

    Made of over 300 long, fine, stainless steel bristles. Use to clean flux from solder joints, clean flux and adhesive from solder pad, and for general cleaning purposes. Available in Standard and Miniature sizes.

    NASA Style Lead Cleaner

    SH-66 Lead Cleaner

    Use this quality tool to remove oxides, scale, grease, and dirt from leads. The tinned copper braided shielding, backed by stainless steel spring, ensures a fast and easy job. The lead cleaner meets NASA specification NP-200-4 and ensures the best wetting resoldered leads.

    Spring Hooks

    SH-150 Push Version Spring Hook (9 3/4")

    SH-152 Pull Version Spring Hook (9 3/4")

    Use these convenient tools to insert, remove, and adjust fine springs and other small parts in hard to reach places. Made of quality polished tool steel and hardened to withstand high tension without breaking or bending. The fine diamond knurled handle gives the hand a firm grip and easy maneuvering.

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