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  •      These Made in America, Beau Tech RocHard MilProbes are the only complete line of probes available to meet the full spectrum of circuit repair, rework, and assembly needs from Through Hole to 2 mil pitch Surface Mount. They are designed to save the replacement costs of inferior tools and to avoid the inefficiency and damage caused by worn tools. Please use the MilProbe Selection Guide to choose the most appropriate MilProbe for your application.

    1 MilProbes
    for Ultra Fine Pitch Rework - BGA, Flip Chip, TAB, COB, etc.

    The RocHard 1 MilProbe is a 0.3" long Micro-tip in a 4 3/8" long hex shape stainless steel handle. The Micro-tip is tapered to a one mil diameter tip for TAB, BGA, and other ultra fine pitch rework. The tip is either straight (SH-341) or 50� angled at 5 mil from the point (SH-316). The different tip geometry allows the tips to reach between all curcuit leads and traces under a microscope.

    Available Models
    SH-316 (50� Angled)
    SH-341 (Straight)
    SH-322 (Kit including both SH-316 and SH-341)

    1 MilProbe (SH-316) cleaning 3 mil pitch TAB substrate.


    Overall dimensions of the 1 MilProbe, straight and angled version.

    Their specific benefits are:

    • The probe tip is strong and long lasting since it is made of special, proprietary alloy to achieve maximum strength.
    • The hex shape stainless steel handle provides a easy grasp of the tool when operating under a microscope. It also prevents the tool from rolling on the work bench.
    • To further increase the comfort of using the tool, a foam sleeve that goes onto the handle is available as an optional part.
    • The One MilProbe comes with a protection cap and a vinyl pouch. The cap keeps the tip from damages and keeps the operator from injury. The pouch provides additional protection to the tip and provides a convenient way of storing and carrying the One MilProbe.

    RocHard Fine Pitch 10 MilProbes

    These are the only tools available that can reach between fine pitch leads of pitch sizes as small as 10 mil. Beau Tech has taken the extra step of hand grinding the tip to achieve this degree of high precision. Please take a look at the photo demonstration: 10 MilProbe working on QFP component.

    10 MilProbe straightening leads of a 20 mil pitch QFP.


    Overall dimensions of all 10 MilProbes.

    Their specific benefits are:

    • Mechanically test fine pitch solder joints.
    • Align fine pitch (below 25 mil) component leads and pads (For larger pitch and TH applications, please consider our 25 Milprobes).
    • Straighten bent fine pitch leads.
    • Clean between fine pitch leads or pads for pitch size as small as 10 mil.
    • Each probe comes with Teflon tip protector and vinyl pouch to extend the service life.

    Picture of SH-241


    Picture of SH-216

    SH-222 Two-Piece Fine Pitch RocHard 10 MilProbe Kit

    RocHard SMT/TH 25 MilProbes These are the most universal tools for TH and SMT for pitch sizes above 25 mil.

    25 MilProbe used to test solder joint of 30 mil pitch QFP.


    Overall dimensions of all 25 MilProbes.

    Their specific benefits are:

    • Mechanically test SMT solder joints.
    • Align through-hole and surface mount component leads and pads.
    • Straighten bent leads on surface mount components.
    • Clean between surface mount leads or pads for pitch size as small as 25 mil (For finer pitch applications, please consider out 10 mil probes).
    • Clean increasingly smaller through-holes as boards and components become more dense.
    • Maneuver small TH/SMT components.
    • These Milprobes have a useful life which is proven to be more than three times that of the other domestic or imported brands.




    SH-125 Four-Piece TH/SMT RocHard 25 MilProbe Kit

    Other Features and Benefits of All RocHard MilProbes
    • The different tip configurations allow access to every possible position that needs repair or rework.
    • The hex-shaped handle guarantees easy grip and control when operating under a microscope.
    • The stainless steel probe sheds solder and allows effective use while soldering or desoldering.
    • The stainless handle provides static free operation.
    • Available in kits in vinyl pouches.
    MilProbe Selection Guide
    A = 1 MilProbes B = 10 MilProbes C = 25 MilProbes
    Application Pitch Size
    2-10 mil 10-15 mil 15-25 mil 25-30 mil 30+ mil Through-Hole
    Testing Solder Joint & Wire Bonding Strength A A, B B B, C C C
    Straightening Leads & Wires A A, B B B, C C C
    Cleaning Leads & Traces A A B B C C
    Applying Epoxy A A B B C C

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